SedaPet – Cat – 25ml


Natural calmative remedy for animals.



Sedapet Cat is a natural formulation of soothing herbs designed to help calm down stressed-out pets.  Available in a 25ml bottle with spray nozzle SedaPet Cat is designed by a holistic vet and manufactured in New Zealand by a herbalist using the highest quality herbal ingredients.

Additional information


• Chamomile
• St John’s Wort
• Skullcap
• Passionflower

Directions for Use

SedaPet can be initiated at the first signs of stress. 2 sprays inside the mouth or lip as required. For stress prevention, administer 1/2 hour before events. Repeat if necessary.

The sooner you can treat your pet and get them to settle the easier it will be to calm them. Waiting until they are in full-blown terror will make reducing their stress response harder.


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