Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder 500g


A siliceous fossil animal feed supplement & soil conditioner



Green Trading Diatomaceous Earth Powder is made up of tiny fossilized diatoms (plankton) that have accumulated over millennia in freshwater lakes. These pure deposits are mined and ground into a fine powder that is naturally high in silica and other minerals. It is this chalky white powder that we call diatomaceous earth.

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100% Food Grade, Fresh Water Sourced, Certified Organic Diatomaceous Earth Powder.


Suitable for humans, live stocks, and plants. It helps to maintain the animal's overall metabolism.

Recommended dose:
As an Animal Feed Supplement: mix up to 2% Green Trading diatomaceous siliceous fossil power in daily feed ration for animals. For larger animals dose of 25gm per day and small animals 10gm per day

As a Soil Conditioner: mix the 500g powder in 200 L water and spray it onto the soil. The mixture is enough for 1 acre. The application is to be repeated every 10 days.


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