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How do I change my pet to a vegan diet?

How to change your pet to a vegan diet As with any change of diet, it’s best made gradually. We recommend feeding a 90% old and 10% new dietary mixture for a few days, then 80%/20%, and so on. This allows an appropriate transition of digestive enzymes and intestinal micro-organisms, minimizing adverse reactions such as abdominal[…]

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Can dogs and cats be vegan?

Vegan Petfood Happy Dogs & Cats

Can dogs and cats be vegan? Commercial meat-based pet foods are often made from assorted body parts from cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens and fish – animals that cats and dogs never naturally eat. They are also heavily laden with unnatural additives, preservatives and flavourings. Can we really consider this a natural diet? Furthermore, these[…]