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Is meat based petfood damaging our planet?

Does meat based pet food damage planet - Vegan Pet Food

How Much Damage is Meat Based Pet Food Doing to Our Planet? You may not know it but meat processing for pet food has serious adverse effects on the environment, causing considerable pollution. Research by University of California’s Professor George Okin found that the food manufactured to feed more than 160 million dogs and cats[…]

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How do I change my pet to a vegan diet?

How to change your pet to a vegan diet As with any change of diet, it’s best made gradually. We recommend feeding a 90% old and 10% new dietary mixture for a few days, then 80%/20%, and so on. This allows an appropriate transition of digestive enzymes and intestinal micro-organisms, minimizing adverse reactions such as abdominal[…]

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Can dogs and cats be vegan?

Vegan Petfood Happy Dogs & Cats

Can dogs and cats be vegan? Commercial meat-based pet foods are often made from assorted body parts from cows, pigs, sheep, ducks, chickens and fish – animals that cats and dogs never naturally eat. They are also heavily laden with unnatural additives, preservatives and flavourings. Can we really consider this a natural diet? Furthermore, these[…]